Jackpot Joy Goes Monopoly Mad For Christmas

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 28/11/2009 15:38

It is quiet a relief to find a site that isn’t actually going ape about the new X Factor game, although it is definitely features in the promotions at jackpot Joy Bingo. It is just that to be honest I have had enough of it all, it is a great TV production yes, but it has spilled over into online bingo sites and virtually taken control of some of my favourite sites, and I think is about time to see something different. Really now, a person can only take so much of the same thing and it is SO in your face all the time when it is your job to write about UK bingo sites.

They are going Monopoly Mad and the three promotions based around this favourite board game are: Play Collect and Win, Chance (what else?) and Star Jackpots. In Play Collect and Win, members of Jackpot Joy wager £20 daily to qualify and collect a new property card, collect matching sets and win for having a complete set. When Christmas comes if you own it all and additional £50 bonus is deposited in your account.

It’s not Monopoly without the opportunity to take a “Chance” so till the 23rd December win Chance cards sent right to your email inbox. Make sure you open your emails because these Chance cards are winning cards and you can win properties (which you need to collect sets) cash and free bingo tickets.

Star Jackpots is obviously the Big Prize money game in relationship to playing Monopoly at Jackpot Joy, there is £50 000 to be given away in these bingo games and eight of these games play from 3 – 10pm in the Sapphire Bingo Room every day. Tickets start at 1p and max out at 15p, but the day to play is Fridays, because the prize money is multiplied by ten!!

Jackpotjoy - The Price Is Right

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