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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 05/07/2009 13:20
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We tell you about all the free bingo and fabulous promotions and sometimes about massive online bingo winners, however we don’t often tell you about the smaller winners. Not that any of the following winners actually won insignificant online bingo jackpots, as all recently won very attractive prizes of many thousands of pounds. Where did they all win? We hear you shout at your PC, at Jackpot Joy, that’s where!

Lucky bingo winner Rachel A was playing online bingo at Jackpot Joy whilst cleaning her car - don’t say that women can’t multi task – when she found to her delight that she had won a very reasonable £600at Jackpot Joy. Deciding to invest some of her lucky bingo winnings on some more Jackpot Joy bingo tickets, she once more set about cleaning her car and later to her absolute delight when she returned to her PC, she found that she had a further £16,000 bingo win! You would think that, Rachel would have won enough by this stage but she also went on to win a home entertainment system in the Jackpot Joy 7th birthday bonanza celebrations, making Rachel one of the luckiest online bingo winners that we have come across! Hey Rachel, leave some prizes for other people please!

Another big online bingo winner at Jackpot Joy was the lucky Margaret R, who won a £13,203 at the Diamond Bonanza, until recently Margaret had been fairly lucky the evening that she won her prize winning a few smaller prizes of a few hundred pounds, she continued to play as she was still dreaming of becoming one of the bigger bingo winners and to her absolute delight she did just that

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