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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 06/08/2009 19:00
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Recently, we haven’t been hearing much about Jackpot City. But they have probably been brewing something over there because they’ve got something new to share. They have recently announced their new CMs or “Chat Moderators” in their online bingo site. Chat moderators are one of the most important staff you’ll find in each online bingo site. After all, when you, the player, plays in an online bingo site, the closest you can get to a company staff are the chat moderators. In your eyes, they are the company. They represent the online bingo site they’re in. And so you turn to them for questions and whatever it is you want to say to the company be it suggestions or comments. In fact, the CMs make your online bingo experience more fun and enjoyable being able to chat with them casually. So Jackpot City Bingo made sure to offer you the best Chat Moderators they could find.

Jackpot City Bingo has just announced their new devoted group of “Chat Moderators” who will be in charge of the games and chat rooms in their site. They will attend to all the bingo players like you and respond to their requests, answer their questions, and at the same time make sure the online bingo rooms are managed well. They will be moderating everything in there. So if you need reach out to Jackpot City Bingo, then the answer is to chat with the CMs. So who are these new Chat Moderators over at Jackpot City Bingo?

Jackpot City Bingo made sure to gather the best people to act as the site’s Chat Moderators. They have been busy for quite some time, shaping up a solid and flexible online support team. So after their last acquisitions in July, they have finally presented their new Chat Moderators, Amber, Billy, two Danny’s, Chloe, Jenna, and Ruby!

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