Jackpot City Bingo – Games, Quizzes and BB’z Galore

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 13/11/2009 15:45

Every day at Jackpot City Bingo you will find chat games, quizzes and BB’z galore in Bob’s Room between 7 and 9pm. This is entertainment at its best and BB’z are the best for topping up your account so you can play in the big money games without having to spend your own hard earned money! Play in the Monday quizzes and you earn an extra £3 for every question you answer correctly.

On Karaoke night Tuesdays at Jackpot City, join in the fun and sing along, you can win CD’s of your choice when you complete the missing words in songs, and you also win extra £’s. If you know your movies as well as your music, play the movie quiz on a Wednesday, you could win your favorite movies on BDV. Thursday nights things get really mixed up in the Mystery Night fun and games, its all a big surprise, so join in the games and see what you can win, if you like surprises, and most of us do, this is a super game to play.

Friday nights are the night that the weekend starts, and don’t forget this Friday is Friday the 13th so Jackpot city bingo will have something very special in store for you with lots of cash prizes.

Every Saturday is a different theme, they have has Hawaiian parties, red carpet events and all sorts, the ladies just love this. You will still be able to play all your favorite bingo games, only with a special theme, this weekend could be anything, so check out what they have on offer and get the gifts of your choice. That is the week at a glance at Jackpot City Bingo, and to end it all, Sunday afternoon offers a lovely general knowledge pub quiz from 2 – 4pm in Bob’s room, so have a blast and get to know this site, you won’t regret it.

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