It’s So Sad, the Sun Bingo Gets Back to Normal

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 21/10/2009 14:45

Now that all the hype surrounding the huge promotion Sun Bingo recently had on offer has died down, the site has become almost dowdy. Now I realize that no online bingo site can indefinitely give away the huge prizes that this site was, but I was worried at the time that Sun Bingo would appear to be much large than life for a while and then create a rod for its own back, I hope I am wrong!.

They recently gave away 100 new cars (Fiats)over 100 days, so there is virtually nothing they can do to top this promotion, if they did, they would probably be in fear of going bankrupt. So now we are back to normal old games and promotions at the site. They have got BOGOF games available all week from the 19th to the 25th October, so double your chances of winning and double your fun.

Just buy a standard 90-ball bingo ticket and they give you another free, and play from 11am to 12pm, 2pm to 4pm, and again from 6pm to 8pm, Monday to Sunday. There are also £1 000 guaranteed prizes in Bingo 90 every night, so there £7 000 worth of these prizes on offer during the course of the week.

At the moment, there is not much else taking place at the site, although it is still the same old Sun Bingo we know and love, it just feels as though the fizz has gone out of it. However I won’t write it off yet and neither should you, keep a close eye on what’s going on, I have a feeling they are cooking up something really phenomenal for either Halloween or at the very least Christmas, and we will all know about it very soon.

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