Its Nearly Time for Triple Ripple Thursday at Astro Bingo

Written by: Jeannie on 22/11/2010 20:00
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Astro Bingo has a special treat planned for its online bingo players this week, and its name is Triple Ripple Thursday. This night of promo games will be unpredictable, wacky and wild, so don’t miss out!

Here’s how it works…

Triple Ripple Thursday is the most perfect name Astro Bingo could have chosen for this promotion, as it describes exactly how it works. In each game, a ‘ripple’ of jackpot prizes will be up for grabs, the amount rising and falling as the night goes on.

Each ripple starts with a £100 jackpot prize, which falls to £75, £50 and eventually £25. Don’t worry though; this will soon start to rise again, climbing from £25 to £50, £75 and right back up to £100.

This makes each game so much more exciting, as you never know how much you will win! If only online bingo was based solely on skill and strategy rather than luck, you could time your win to get the maximum jackpot prize!

The Triple Ripple will play in the Bingo 90 (Money Tree) room, with one game playing every hour from 9pm until 11pm. Tickets for each game cost 35p a pop and it’s a full house wins only, so you’ll need nerves of steel and tonnes of luck to score the top prizes!


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