It's Contagious, Cheeky Bingo Has Footy Fever

Written by: kelly on 19/06/2010 12:15
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Virtually every other site on the World Wide Web which offers UK bingo has caught it and Cheeky Bingo has the fever too, its Footy Fever and they are putting on a show of promotions to celebrate the 2010 World Cup Football too. These promotions started on the 11th June, but don't you worry about being too late to join in the fun, you aren't. They run until the 11th of July, so there is plenty of time yet.

First off you can bag yourself an extra 5 000 Cheeky Points just by bingoing on the Football Pitch pattern in all of the 75 ball bingo rooms. So you win the prize, plus the extra CP's and that's a good bargain if every we saw one. Remember that CP's can be redeemed for free bingo money and that should kick-start you right into Footy Fever.

Then on the day after England plays they will be giving out extra re-deposit bonuses left, right and centre field, but only if England scores goals. The next game is scheduled for the 18th June, so the next extra re-deposit bonus is due at Cheeky Bingo on the 19th which is this Saturday. They start this off at 100% for one goal and this goes up in increments of 50% for every goal scored, so it is out of this world! If we are not luck and England doesn't score any goals, not to worry, as a consolation they will still give you 25% above the norm, which is 75%.

There is still loads of extra fun footie promos to play and they have a Facebook "Fan prediction" game playing with an England Shirt as the prize. During the 90 minutes of any England game £1 000 in guaranteed jackpots will be playing in all 75 and 90 ball bingo rooms and there is a WAG game for you to play too. So check it all out at Cheeky Bingo, for so much more than just bingo.


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