It’s Cold Outside But it Gold Inside at 888 Ladies Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 09/01/2010 21:17

If you have been looking for some good excuses to join a really good UK online bingo site, 888 Ladies Bingo has just come up with all the answers for you. It is cold outside, but it is Gold Inside when you play at this site and they have just come up with the most expansive promotion I have seen in a very long while at a site. Although I am hardly surprised they are famous for their large and very generous promotions. But this is a free bingo promotion and is the largest I have seen of its kind.

The free bingo game you will be playing is a coverall and it has prize money of £5 million up for grabs. It is free bingo because you have to win Golden Tickets to be able to play in this game, no tickets are available for purchase. All these tickets are won from qualifying draws, so you need to be able to participate in five different activities at the site in order to win your share of the Golden game tickets. The easiest activity to participate in to get your name into the draw for the tickets is registering as a new member, so all you newbies out there, if you are looking for a site to register at, 888 Ladies Bingo is the one!

There are thirty Golden Tickets up for grabs daily, and obviously the more you can get for the game which plays on the 17th February the better. Ten a day will go to the new member registering, but obviously you can only do this once. As soon as you are a member of the site, that’s it, you have to get them the same way as other members. Five will go to instant games players, five will go to free bingo players and five will go to 888 ladies gold members. The final five go to bingo players and all of these have to meet different criteria. Get to the site now for details!

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