It’s a slots tourney from the Chit Chat Bingo Jackpot winner

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 04/05/2009 10:35
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Chit Chat Bingo is one of the online bingo networks in the UK. Now they are making history. They are making a record. They are creating a promotion that no other online bingo network has done before. They are letting one of their previous jackpot winners to host their own slots tourney. That’s quite unique. It’s the first time being done in the world of online bingo. Well, let’s take a look at the details shall we?

One of the regular players of Chit Chat Bingo is TRIGGER1. That’s the player’s screen name or user name. TRIGGER1 is one of their previous jackpot winners. Just this month of April, he won a serious amount of jackpot. He took home a whopping £26,480.21 from the bingo slot game at Chit Chat Bingo. And how much was his stake? He only played four pounds but raked in the huge jackpot prize. Now that’s a really lucky player.

Now that TRIGGER1 is one of the top jackpot winners of Chit Chat Bingo, the online bingo and slots network decided to run a new promotion that will be hosted or lead by TRIGGER1. Yes, they are letting their own bingo player to run his own slots tournament in their online gaming site. We’ve heard about celebrities being invited to run their tournaments or host games at online bingo networks but we’ve never heard about another bingo player holding their own tournament. Chit Chat Bingo has changed all that. They have invited their big winner and it’s a go. TRIGGER1 said “Bring it on”. The Chit Chat Bingo player was so thrilled upon hearing the operator’s invitation. The online player added that Chit Chat Bingo makes every one of the players there feel special or feel like a superstar. They need not to be a celebrity to host their own tourney, just like what TRIGGER1 will be doing soon this month of May. So make sure to tune in to get a chance of taking home three thousand pounds, one thousand pounds, and five hundred pounds from TRIGGER1’s Slots Challenge.


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