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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 10/09/2009 13:00
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Costa Bingo is one of the active online bingo sites in the UK. We say active in terms of continuously promoting various offers in their site. Costa Bingo sure offers a lot of great promotions and schemes over at their site. At the moment, they offer a great scheme for their VIPs. The Costa Bingo VIPs are enjoying extra free bingo games! Costa Bingo hosts guaranteed jackpot games every night at seven o’clock.

Costa Bingo enjoys pampering their VIP players with great bonuses and offers. Costa Bingo has created three VIP levels for their members to achieve. Each level has various benefits. So it definitely feels great to be granted a VIP status. Let’s take a look at the various levels and what to expect in each one.

First up is the Bronze Costa Bingo VIP status. It’s so easy to become a Bronze Costa Bingo VIP. You just have to have made a total bingo deposit of fifty pounds at their site. That’s all there is to it. By becoming a Bronze VIP, you can play four free bingo games each night. And those free bingo games are offering twenty five pounds cash prize each. The first game will start at seven o’clock and will go on every hour until ten o’clock in the evening. To qualify for these free bingo games, you should have at least made a deposit in the last three days.

Next VIP status is the Silver Costa Bingo VIP. If your online bingo deposits have totaled five hundred pounds since you joined the Costa bingo, then you are already a Silver VIP. You can enjoy the same benefits of the Bronze VIPs plus you have extra four free bingo games that will be held every hour starting at 7:15 pm each night. The jackpots increase to thirty five pounds each game. To qualify for the games, make sure to have deposited in the last five days.

Lastly, the other VIP level is the Gold Costa Bingo VIP. This is the highest level and requires that you have deposited at least one thousand pounds since you joined the site. You get the same benefits of the lower levels but again there will be four free bingo games for you each night. The jackpot prizes amount to one hundred pounds! You need to have deposited to your account in the last seven days to qualify for the free bingo games.

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