Is 3D Bingo the Future?

Is 3D Bingo the Future?

Written by: Jeannie on 25/01/2011 09:00

As we are continually looking for better and more realistic ways of playing bingo online we have to ask whether lifelike avatars and stunningly realistic bingo halls is the way forward.

3D Bingo

This fascinating style of playing bingo on the internet is growing in popularity and can now be found on several of the top international sites, while in the UK Bingo Liner is the front runner with this system.

To play the game in a 3D world you need to download a little bit of software and then you are ready to start. If you, like me, are a sucker for getting dropped into a realistic world inhabited by lots of little characters and some fine attention to detail then you will love this way of playing online.

Once you pay your money you can wander around the bingo hall, talk to other players and generally have a great time taking it all in. To keep it interesting you can play in a variety of different halls and arcades, and many people will no doubt be keen to give it a try to enjoy wandering around the different places on offer.

Obviously this initial fun isn't going to last forever but fortunately there is a solid game of bingo behind the fancy graphics, and you can play the slot machines and poker if you want a change of game too.

This is a good new approach to playing online and initial impressions are that the depth of gameplay backs it up sufficiently to avoid it being a short lived, gimmicky affair. This way of playing bingo online could be here to stay. Will you be giving it a try soon and do you think it needs improving if it wants to catch on?  

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