Irelands Bingo Cow Dung Festival

Irelands Bingo Cow Dung Festival

Written by: ava carson on 17/09/2012 14:20

It is bingo that may seem a bit unappealing but the winners of this game find it most appealing. It is the Cow Festival in Ireland held in the County of Mayo for bingo fans looking for a unique way to play. Betsy the cow drops her cowpats in a field of numbered bingo squares, if she does her business on your number there is a 1000 euro prize.

The idea of bingo cow dung is not the first and the idea perhaps was borrowed from across the pond in the US where small towns across the states have been doing this for quite some time now. In addition the Cow Dung Queen is selected during the festivities for which it may be life’s greatest accomplishments!

Betsy the cow likes to build up the momentum once she is brought onto the field when last year the anxious crowd waited nearly an hour and a half for her to plop a cow patty. The intensity built as the bingo players hoped she would wander and stop to plop on their number.

The crowd gathered in anticipation watching Betsy’s every move and wondering just how long they would have to wait this year. As the crowd waited with baited breath she was not quite as willing to wow her audience and did her business within 15 minutes. The excitement was nevertheless a thrilling moment as Betsy lifted her tail and one lucky bingo player went home with the grand prize of €1,000.

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