Innovation and a Great Name - That is Tombola Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 26/11/2009 15:56

Tombola Bingo has always had a great name in the world of UK bingo as one of the most innovative online bingo sites available. Games are constantly changing and evolving and best of all they are completely unique to this site, in other words, you will not find them at any other online bingo site, no matter how hard you look. This makes it a favorite in the UK, and now that they are the official sponsors of Ennerdale for the next 14 months, they are going to be exposed to millions more potential members. Ennerdale appears on the National Television channel ITV1, and it has a daily viewer ship of 7 million people.

Their version of free bingo is completely different from any other site and it is called “Lucky Pick” from the 1st of December this free game is going to be changing. At the moment members are offers 6 daily chances to try their arm at Lucky Pick, they have to match the number and see what’s in the box, and winning could mean as much as £500 a week in cash prizes.

As Tombola is replacing this and we don’t know what with, speculation is rife. Some online bingo pundits recon it is going to be a repeat of last Christmas’s scratchie re-hashed, while others of us believe it is going to be a completely new game. My money is on a completely new game, because that is after all what this UK bingo site is all about. Money might be tight right now, they have taken on a whole new kettle of fish with the Ennerdale sponsorship, but they haven’t stopped paying out some super cash prize money and to get a taste of this visit the winners page at the site, and they have even opened two new Cinco rooms!

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