India’s Supreme Court Confirms Online Lottery Ban

India’s Supreme Court Confirms Online Lottery Ban

Written by: Glo Wood on 06/11/2015 15:55

The Kerala state government placed a ban on lotteries in 2005 and eventually changed the law to restrict online services only, The All Kerala Online Lottery Dealers Association attempted to overturn the ban on online lottery services in Sikkim, India but were unsuccessful as the Supreme Court rejected its request for an appeal.

Justice Agarwal wrote: “If online or internet lottery is to be prohibited by a State then that online lottery or internet lottery of all States, including that State, also has to be prohibited. Viewed from this angle, we are of the considered opinion that State of Kerala was well within its rights to prohibit the sale of online or Internet lotteries in its State and there is no fault in it.”

The judges agreed that online lotteries are classified as gambling involving chance rather than skill and is a “pestilence more harmful than the common forms of gambling”.

The judgement also read: “Experience has shown that the common forms of gambling are comparatively innocuous when placed in contrast with widespread pestilence of lotteries. The former are confined to a few persons and places, but the latter infests the whole community; it enters every dwelling; it reaches every class; it preys upon the hard earnings of the poor; it plunders the ignorant and the simple.”

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