Immortalizing Michael Jackson in a Roulette Ball?

Immortalizing Michael Jackson in a Roulette Ball?

Written by: ava carson on 13/12/2011 12:15

One online gambling website who claims to be “deeply saddened” at the passing of the legendary pop star goes to auction.

The bidding started at $1,000 for a clump of MJ’s hair that was retrieved from a shower drain at New York’s Carlyle Hotel back in the 80’s. Sold to the highest bidder, the site won the auction war by paying nearly $11,000 for a parcel of hair that was meant for sewer drainage.

The memorabilia (if you can call it that) gets more bizarre as the gambling site plans to make a roulette ball out it. A company spokesman said: 'The ball itself will be made to the highest professional standards ensuring it will be eligible for use at any licensed casino's roulette table.'

It is sensationalism at the highest degree using a method of marketing that has no shame. What’s worse, was Michael Jackson even a gambler? It will be interesting to see if any high profile casinos will actually use the roulette ball at the tables.

Michael Jackson will be remembered for spinning the greatest records of all time, not throwing down a black chip and watching the spinning of a roulette ball that holds a piece of his DNA.

We can only hope that the bingo community is spared from having a bingo ball immortalized with a locket of MJ's hair. 

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