If you Havent Played at Gala Bingo, You Havent Played

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 22/09/2009 18:00
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If you have not played at Gala Bingo, then you have not played bingo, they are only the larges bingo operator in the British Isles, but if you really can’t get to a club, you might be pleased to know you can play with this big brand name online. If you are already a member at one of more of the land based clubs, it is even easier to register at the online bingo site, but if you aren’t, it is still as simple as 1,2, 3 to register. The process doesn’t take long and once this has been completed, you have access to one of the best online bingo sites available today.

Gala Bingo offers daily, weekly and monthly promotions, some change more regularly than others, but they always offer you an opportunity for a bargain as wells a plenty of free bingo. One of the most marvelous things about this site, to my way of thinking is the loyalty scheme.

Some time ago Gala Executive got their heads together to see how they could offer their members something special in terms of loyalty and they came up with “Nectar”. Now Nectar loyalty is not exclusive to Gala Bingo, there are hundred of outlets where you can earn these points, and they can also be redeemed at loads of retail shops. This makes the Gala Bingo loyalty scheme something really special. Members are offered the opportunity to win big and at the same time save points which can be redeemed for more than just “playing more bingo”.

The site also offers the very unique “Windicate” where you can partner with fellow roomies and win more. This is like a team, but not exactly, what happens is you get together with your mates and form a Windicate, then when one member of the group wins, everyone else earns 50p too!

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