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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 28/10/2010 11:55
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Tasty bingo love to end the month with a bang, on the last Friday of every month they run a game called ‘Hundreds and Thousands’, which just so happens to be tomorrow so we thought you’d like to know what’s actually on offer.

Hundreds and thousands

The hundreds and thousands game plays at 9pm on Friday 29th October and carries a guaranteed £1100 in prizes. The first player to bingo on the coverall will win £1000 with the entire one to go (1TG) players sharing a £100 prize. For example if five players had 1TG they would each win £20 each. We love this kind of game because it means there will be more than one winner – it’s good to share the wealth.

Players can pre-buy there bingo cards for £1 each from the lobby, each player can purchase up to 48 cards each for the game. The best aspect of pre-purchasing your tickets is that you don’t actually have to be logged on to play the game, your pre-purchased cards are automatically played for you, this is great if you have something else to do (or heaven for bid another bingo site to play at).


If you are lucky enough to win your prize will be automatically added to your Tasty bingo account once the game has finished so there is no faffing about having to send emails to claim your winnings.



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