Huge bingo win took some convincing

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 22/08/2007 09:00
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Imagine the scenario, You go to your local bingo hall to have a great evening out with some friends and you win the £50,000 jackpot. It would be fantastic and for many an unbelievable experience. The first thing you would want to do is rush home and tell your nearest and dearest the great news.  This is exactly what a recent winner of  a mecca bingo jackpot did, but when she got home her husband did not react the way you would expect, he would not believe she had won!

The 48 year old woman from Harlow won the mecca bingo national bingo jackpot for winning the game in 41 calls, she also scooped the game jackpot of £105.  The part time civil servant usually plays bingo with her husband and has been enjoying the game for 12 years. However, on the night of her win she went without her husband and struck gold, when she told her husband the good news he found it extremely hard to believe.

"He didn't believe me at first," she told National Bingo Online. "I usually say I haven't won, or just a small amount like £30 or £100 and I had to show him a copy of the claims form to convince him. "My best win before this was £400," she revealed. She added: "I have calmed down now but my bank manager will be shocked when I pay in the cheque."

The lucky winner plans to treat the family to a well deserved holiday and is sure to keep on playing at her local mecca bingo.

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