Holiday Vouchers and Prizes still up for grabs at ChitChat Bingo

Holiday Vouchers and Prizes still up for grabs at ChitChat Bingo

Written by: Jeannie on 11/08/2011 16:05
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Chit Chat bingo’s mini break promotion in July was a roaring success, thankfully it extends throughout August too! They have plenty more prizes up for grabs, including instant cash, holiday goodies and a handful of mimi breaks to some exotic locations.


75 Prizes

There are 75 balls in each of the mini break bingo games, each one has been allocated a prize and the promotion will run until all of the prizes have been won. The game plays between 8pm and 9pm in the Bingo Party Live room each day, with the full house winner scooping the game prize, and if they’re lucky, an additional holiday themed prize too.

The final ball called will also be used to allocate a prize, a grid has been displayed on the Chit Chat bingo website which shows all the prizes which have been won so far. It also shows the remaining prizes, match the full house number with one of these to win the additional booty!

Prizes Galore

There are plenty of prizes remaining, including Sun cream worth £30, £150 digital cameras, stunt kites, beach towels, magazine subscriptions and one more chance to win a £500 trip (represented by number 37 on the prize grid).

These prizes are on top of the other cash prizes in the game, the regular 1 line, 2 line and full house prizes are also given. However, only the full house winner is eligible for the additional mini break bingo prize.

Which prize would you most like to win?



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