Hey, Come and Have a Look at the All New Astro Bingo!!

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 24/10/2009 18:03

Well what do you know, Astro Bingo has gone and had a major overhaul and I didn’t even know it, did you? One minute they were the same old site and I was getting kind of bored popping in there and taking a look at what they had on offer, the next thing you know, I leave them alone for a couple of weeks and hey presto, a completely new Astro Bingo, and about time too.

I always like this site very much, but it really was getting a bit tired, so everyone must have been in agreement with this. But now you have got to pop over and have a look see what is going on, when I say major overhaul, I mean it. Everything is different, but not so different that die-hard lovers of the site would get completely freaked out. They have some very cool new features and to celebrate the overhaul and re-launch they are also going to be piling on the promotions for the next few weeks, so make a note in your diary “PLAY AT THE ALL NEW ASTRO BINGO”, Ok?

In the mean time, while they are getting all the new games and promotions up and running, you can still play at this fancy new site, and winners are still enjoying themselves. A whole load of great new winners have been listed and it is good to see this site is still putting its money where its mouth is. Make sure you read what roomies have to say.

They are still offering super linx and other big prize money games as well as free bingo which plays from 8 – 10pm in all the rooms. Every second game is free and the prize pools are a generous £25 - £30, you can also pre-buy tickets in the free games so you can enter into the rooms in advance if you want.

Astro bingo - Astrobingo

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