Help 888 Ladies Bingo to Make a Different for Haiti Earthquake Victims

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 27/01/2010 17:19

The Haiti earthquake has been the big news on everyone’s lips for the past week or so and the extent of this tragedy has been seen from day one, with matters steadily getting worse on this small, underdeveloped island nation. 888 Ladies Bingo has decided that they can help and they are offering their members an opportunity to help also.

Just looking at the unbelievable suffering taking place, makes us think “there but for the grace of God go I”. Oxfam is per usual getting stuck in and this means special funds raising is requires, and just as shaking a tin can and collecting on the street has its place in helping, so too does collecting money online. One of the most popular games at 888 Ladies Bingo is the £8 888 guaranteed game which takes place at the end of every month. So they are using this game as a vehicle to collect funds, and every pound you spend on bingo tickets in this game, gets donated directly into the Oxfam fund raising efforts for Haitian victims.

This doesn’t mean that members won’t be able to win the prize, no sir! the prize money is still up for grabs. This just means that every pound in ticket sales will be donated, and this could add up to a lot of money if everyone participates.

888 Ladies is not going to sit idly by and offer no help and I only hope this will have a snowball effect and get other online bingo sites raising funds too. I know they all have their own charitable bets, but this is an emergency, a real emergency and they need out help. This is how you can help in your own small way. Bingo tickets cost a pound, and that means a pound will be donated for every ticket purchased – they need YOUR help!!

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