Have Yourself a Merry Bingo Christmas

Have Yourself a Merry Bingo Christmas

Written by: Glo Wood on 22/12/2011 16:50

 This Christmas share your love of bingo with your friends and family. How? There are a number of ways to bring your favorite game front and center this holiday season.

One way to bring bingo into your home is to print festive cards. Once your crew is all set up, you can surprise them with an automated caller. There is actually software that will call the numbers for you. Many are free options to be used all in good fun. You may opt to be a cheeky host and call out the numbers yourself in the style of your most favorite caller or maybe the most obnoxious one for a bit of fun.

Christmas crackers are a popular novelty in the UK as is the game of bingo. There is a bingo Christmas cracker in existence. It comes packed full of all the necessities including bingo cards, pens and all. The sheer silliness alone will surely guarantee an interesting evening.

Now, let’s talk prizes. It all depends on your bingo crowd. Some may be satisfied with a portion of Christmas pudding but some may have a taste for cold hard cash. Whatever the prize, keep it simple and fun.

Have a Merry Bingo Christmas!

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