Have You Played the Gala Bingo High Five Games ?

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 14/02/2010 06:22

The High Five is one of the most famous games at Gala Bingo, this is the game which sees winners, winning big and sharing their winnings with their mates. Have you played these yet? If not then maybe its time to give it a shot!

These games are not free bingo, but they are certainly one of the range of Gala Bingo Value games, they are played on one line, two lines and full house and essentially you have to win with a number ending in 5. With 1 - 90 to play with there are a good few numbers ending in 5, so the chances of winning are pretty good too. Winners claim half the jackpot prize, and the other half of the prize goes to the rest of the players in the club where the game was won. This game has seen an entire club full of members going home with over thousand pound prizes and more many a time, and it is a great way for the winner to make some fantastic new best friends. People will never let you forget that time you won them money!

Gala Bingo also regularly offers free bingo games, 1TG or even 2TG games. If you are not a bingo aficionado 1Tg means if you have only one number left and you don't win, same applied to 2TG. It can be disheartening to get to 1TG and not win, so essentially once the full house prize has been claimed; all the players who were left to win in either of these features win the advertised prize. It is just a token prize, but it still makes you feel like not such a big loser, so is more of a morale booster than anything else and makes your online bingo experience a bit more fun if your luck is out.

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