Have You Got What it Takes to Win £250 000 at Mecca Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 02/10/2009 14:45

If you think you have the X-Factor and you have what it takes to win £250 000 at Mecca Bingo, you have to try playing the new X-Factors slots game at the site. This is not the only new game, but it is certainly a new slots game with one of the biggest prizes available.

Speaking about slots at Mecca Bingo, they have also recently added Bejeweled to their large choice of games. Now I am a bejeweled fan, so the moment this game launched I had to play it. Thank goodness I played for free, because they gave me £1 000 to spend playing the free trial and I spent in about 10 minutes flat. You can be pretty certain that if it had been my own real money, I would have been a good deal more conservative, but I certainly enjoyed it while it lasted. Bejeweled is also a big prize game as the top prize is a 20 000 x multiplier on your bet and the maximum bet is £50.

At the end of last month there was one really big winner at Mecca Bingo too, but they didn’t win playing slots or bingo, but in a draw. Lucky member “XNIKKIS_HUBBYX” who used to sneakily play bingo on his wife’s account, decided to open his own account and a good job he did, because he won his mortgage paid for an entire year. Imagine winning a prize that leaves you mortgage free for an entire year? You could still pay part of your mortgage for that period, save money and grow huge equity in your home. Nice thought isn’t it? Now that September is over, I wonder what the next big promotion at this, one of the UK’s favorite sites, is going to be?

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