Have a Wink Bingo Weekend of Bingo Fun

Have a Wink Bingo Weekend of Bingo Fun

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 18/06/2011 16:05
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Saturday is such a cool day, isn’t it? For most of us it is the first day of the weekend without work, and the extra pile of leisure time means that we can do all the things which we put off during the week. Like having a wager on Wink Bingo perhaps.

Today is actually a pretty good day for popping some money into your Wink Bingo account as well. They are giving an 80% bonus on deposits between £10 and £100, and all you need to know is the promo code, which is DADDY3. If you leave it till tomorrow the bonus is 85% and the code is DADDY4. Wait till Monday and DADDY5 gets you an 80% bingo bonus.

Lots of Games for a Fun Weekend of Bingo

So much for the cash, what about the games? One which caught our eye is the rather sweet Daddy Cool! Promo. If you are going to be playing some bingo tomorrow, then there are a whole load of different Father’s Day related games and offers which you could have a go at. HMV vouchers, cash and even a fantastic home brew beer kit are going to be on offer throughout the day.

Have a go at the site’s Monopoly game this weekend and you could win £20 if you are one of the four top wagerers on it. Tomorrow you can also win a smashing laptop on the Hidden Treasures games at 9.15pm.

There is also the matter of some great Wimbledon games coming up soon on Wink Bingo. The promo is called Groan, Sweat, Match, and is likely to be as much fun as a big bowl of strawberries with a dollop of cream on top.


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