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Written by: kelly on 13/06/2010 08:10
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Do you want to take a guess what the new promotion is at Mirror Bingo? Go on, we'll give you three guesses. OK, you got it right; it is all about football, how clever you all are. We have to confess that we are really excited about the footie but even more excited about all the brilliant online bingo promotions that are currently running because of the World Cup!

Stay on the ball this June with these Mirror Bingo promotions and if you are keen on the footie or are looking forward to being a football widow to catch up with your bingo playing, we bet you can't wait to get started. Are you a wannabe WAG or a Widow? It doesn't really matter there is something for everyone and it all starts with a little thing we call a deposit bonus. Normally this is only 50%, but on every day that England plays, Mirror Bingo will be giving away a full 100% deposit bonus. So far they have 3 games scheduled, the first being the 12th June, the second being the 18th of June and the third being the 23rd June. After those dates we will have to wait and see what happens.

Each day that a football games play, Mirror Bingo will also be giving away guaranteed £50 prize pots, and they have even opened a special room – the Football Widow's 75 ball room. By the way, all football natter is banned from this room, so if you want a place to run and hide, you know where to go. They have a special PJP running with an additional £50 added to the pot each time England scores a goal. This game will be played for the accumulated prize if or when England gets knocked out and there is more. So get to Mirror Bingo today to see what its all about.


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