Happy Bingoing for Paddy Power Winners

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 28/11/2009 11:00

Member of Paddy Power Bingo are obviously happy Playing there, many have been members of years and they are not shy to write in tell Paddy just how happy they are. “sarahm” for example, says she has made some really good friends in the years she has been a member, and has also won some great prizes.

This site is a site for winners so here’s a little Irish riddle for you, what do £6,100, £5,000, £2,500 and £2,400 all have in common? If you guessed that they are all prizes which have been won at paddy Power, you would be right, but not 100% right, and if there was money on it you wouldn’t win. What these amounts have in common, are that they have all been won by the same player, and all one after the other. “ysy12345” must have all the luck of the Irish on their side, or there’s a bug in the system!!

In the meantime Paddy has been playing Santa and generously splashing around amounts of £100 which is hopefully helping to grant Christmas wishes. “Bunny009” is one of the latest lucky winners and she is going to spend it on a pantomime outing for her poorly son. “sarahm” who as you can see is mentioned above as one of the long standing members of the site; is also a winner, and hopefully she will have a bit of a better Christmas now as she was made redundant. “birdbox1” also won £100 in the Christmas wish and she hasn’t been feeling well so had to give up work and “_djn80_” is sick to death of finding wet towels everywhere and not being able to get the washing dry, so he is putting his £100 towards his Christmas wish of a new Tumble Dryer. “beaverley” is a single mum and just because its Christmas time doesn’t mean to say the bills can’t be paid. She won £100 and wants to use it to buy her son a nice Christmas present, but he keeps changing his mind about what he wants.

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