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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 10/01/2010 10:58

If you are looking for a good variety of guaranteed money game, look no further than the Mirror Bingo. They offer the traditional game of UK 90 ball bingo which features all the calls we know and love, although we have not yet found out which way the call of 88 - Two Fat Ladies and Leg – 11 is going to be. If political correctness pundits get their way these calls may be scrapped as being offensive!! I have never heard of such rubbish, have you?

Nevertheless at Mirror Bingo you can still hear these calls if you so desire and if 75 ball bingo is your game, and you enjoy completing the game pattern, guaranteed games in this format may also be found. Special pattern games also often feature so look out for these and many more prize's besides cash can be won in the special weekly and monthly prize draws.

The guaranteed games are the big money prize games as they are pre-buy games, and this means you never have to miss another game with a big cash prize up for grabs again! There is a special feature in the mirror Bingo lobby which you use and this essentially books your tickets so that when the game plays you don’t have to be present to win. Check out the Bingo Party room too you will find some great deals going down.

Play Chat Games and Tourneys as well, as these games guarantee you win lots of extra Bingo Points (BPs). Ultimately, the more bingo points you earn, the more money you will have to play free bingo games as points can be redeemed for cash. If you are unsure of the chat games or tourneys, refer to the site for more details or ask your friendly CM at Mirror Bingo, they will be more than delighted to fill you in with the details.

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