Guaranteed Jackpots This Month in Tidy Bingo’s Exclusive Room

Guaranteed Jackpots This Month in Tidy Bingo’s Exclusive Room

Written by: Nenad Ninic on 14/07/2014 11:35
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What can you guarantee these days? Not much! It’d be lovely to guarantee a long, hot summer, a British Wimbledon winner and a big prize every time you buy a ticket on your favourite bingo site. Tidy Bingo can’t help you with any of those except the last. You still have to win the game, of course, but this July the site is introducing an hour of guaranteed jackpots to the Tidy Cupboard room.

The Tidy Cupboard is open every Tuesday night from 7pm to 11pm and with a guaranteed £10 prize fund in games from 9pm to 10pm there’s £500 up for grabs at the very least.

Tidy have always promised they’d listen to their players and this development is the result of player feedback.

The games in the cupboard are 90-ball, and the prizes during the guaranteed hour – very much a happy hour – will be paid as follows: one line will win £2, two lines net £3, and full house winners get £5. There are 10 games an hour so players have plenty of chances to cash in.

The Tidy Cupboard already boasts a guaranteed £50 earlier in the evening. The room kicks off with Tidy and the Troops at 7pm. Not only does this game raise cash for Help for Heroes, it also pays out a guaranteed £50 prize fund.

You must be a Tidy member to play in this exclusive room. It’s also the place to meet the site’s owners, enjoy some good old-fashioned bingo banter and earn brownie points towards the impressive Roomie of the Month competition.

If you’re not already a Tidy Bingo member then there are still guaranteed jackpot nights on 15th, 22nd and 29th of July. Sign up today and you’ll enjoy a bonus of at least 200% - with the chance of much more – on your first deposit.

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