Guaranteed Jackpot to Make You Smile at Tidy Bingo

Guaranteed Jackpot to Make You Smile at Tidy Bingo

Written by: Nenad Ninic on 16/09/2014 10:40
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Since 1999, the first Friday of October has been known around the globe as World Smile Day. This great initiative is designed to encourage people to perform random acts of kindness in a bid to make people smile. To celebrate World Smile Day 2014, Tidy Bingo and all other sites on the 15 Network are holding a massive guaranteed jackpot game at 9pm on Friday 3rd October, which intends to make as many players smile as possible.

For starters, the first thing that will make you smile about this special jackpot game is the guaranteed two and a half grand that’s up for grabs! The prize pool for the game is £2,500, regardless of the number of tickets sold, which could work in your favour if there is a small takeup.

The next great thing about the World Smile Day guaranteed jackpot game at Tidy Bingo is the payout format, which not only pays the regular one-line, two-line and full house prizes, but which also pays out prizes to the 1TG players, the 2TG players and even the 3TG players. This means that there are more chances than ever to win a slice of the £2,500 guaranteed jackpot. So it will be smiles all round.

The final great thing about the World Smile Day jackpot game is that you can buy your tickets right now by heading to the lobby at Tidy Bingo. You can prebuy tickets for this great game now, which means that a). you won’t forget to buy them and b). if you can’t make the game, you can still win some prizes.

That’s three great reasons to play in the World Smile Day jackpot game at Tidy Bingo this October, for the best chance if winning prizes you are likely to find in an online bingo game for a while.

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