Grab your dream ticket at Bet365 Bingo

Grab your dream ticket at Bet365 Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 16/11/2010 08:55
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Bet365 bingo likes to mix up their promotions by offering an unusual yet rewarding array of prizes to their players. One of the more interesting offerings is the Bet365 Dream ticket promotion which awards loyal players with free lottery tickets.

Dream Ticket

The first stage of dream ticket is very simple, you must opt into the promotion. Simply visit the bet365 bingo website and click on the promotions tab, there you will find the button needed to opt it.

Players are given one line of lottery numbers or every £5 spent on 90 ball bingo tickets. This line is added to a syndicate ticket with a maximum of 49 other players. If your syndicate strikes it lucky then you will all take a share of the prize.


The best part is you can be part of up to 30 syndicates at any one time because every time you play £5 you will be given another line of lottery numbers.


What can you win?

The prize allocation is set out in three clear sections, three ball, four ball and five ball or more wins.


Three ball match
Four ball match
Five balls or Jackpot

Allocation of Winnings
Full amount will be paid in Bingo Loyalty Points
Full amount will be paid in Bingo Loyalty Points
Cash will be shared between the syndicate

If your syndicate matches three or four balls then the winnings will be converted into loyalty points (1000 per £1 won) and then split equally between your fellow syndicate members. If you are lucky enough to match five balls or more you will split the real cash from the lottery draw between you, no matter how much this is.

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