Go Dotty to Win a Brand-New Car this March!

Go Dotty to Win a Brand-New Car this March!

Written by: Kayleigh White on 09/03/2020 08:00
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The excitement of getting a new car is one that lasts a lifetime, especially when we’ve only ever been used to old bangers. That fresh clean smell of the interior and the shiny paint work are two things I look forward to most when buying a new car, but what I don’t like is having to cough up for it.

There are plenty of free prize draws and competitions where you can win yourself a car (if you’re lucky!), although the chances of winning are a lot slimmer than my waistline (I’m a plump bird). But, unless you’re in, you can’t win!

Did you know that you can play online bingo to win a car? Well, my headline was a little bit of a giveaway. This month, Dotty Bingo are giving you – yes YOU, the chance to drive away with a brand-new Hyundai i10, a compact car that compromises on nothing!

Win a car bingo games will be playing throughout the month and tow in, you just need to call house in the stated ball count. Okay, I know, you’re not a fan of these type of online bingo games – I’m not either, but what I do love is that the car is guaranteed to be won by March 28th!

Pedal to the Metal

The fixed style jackpot games will see the ball count increase throughout the promotion until the car is ether won, or until the number of calls needed to win reaches the maximum – 90. The final game is scheduled to kick off on March 28th at 7:55pm, but the car can be won any time before this.

Ten thousand pounds or a glistening new Hyundai i10 will be offered to the winner; which would you choose? Ten grand is a huge chunk of cash and can go a long way nowadays, but a shiny new motor could be the answer to all of your prayers.

To maximise your chances of winning, you can play daily. Ticket prices will be shown prior to the games commencing and there’s even an option to pre-buy. It’s a little like a progressive jackpot style slot – nobody knows when it’s going to go, but what we do know is that it will be won.

This promotion is by far the biggest and best to come from Dotty. To be honest, I’ve not come across a promotion as grand as this on any other online bingo site either (except the sits on this same network).

You can get in on the fun and the action

…by signing up for an exceptional welcome offer. Use your bonus to try and win the car or make your way to the lobby to try your luck in slot sprints to win bonuses or free games vouchers or you can use it in any of the other big cash paying promos they have up and running.

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