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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 11/10/2009 12:13

Tombola Bingo never ceases to surprise me, not with their innovative games, fantastic prizes and promotions and bonuses. There is always something fresh and new this site is getting involved in and they really do seem to subscribe to the tenet “go big or get out”. This time they have a super surprise for us all, they are sponsoring Emmerdale from November. Now that is what I call BIG!!

Emmerdale is a prime-time TV soap, but I suppose you all watch it too so you know this. This show has more than 6.5 million fans in the UK, and this many viewers watch it every single night, I don’t want to do the mathematics that tells us how many people watch it all week long. This show is all about the community and as Tobola Bingo is all about their community too, they believed this sponsorship to be a perfect fit.

What they are also going to do is invite the Tombola community to feature in the bumper for the show, so they are keeping it all in the family. If you fancy appearing on the telly in the Tombola Bingo Emmerdale Bumper, logon and find out how. If you aren’t a member register now! They have a special on at the moment for a fiver’s worth of free bingo too!

Tombola Bingo has fast become on of the UK’s favorite online bingo destinations, they have barely been live online for a year no (its just over a year), and the dynamism this site shows is incredible. So incredible that they have had to triple the amount of operations staff they have since the site first launched. So not only are they a top online bingo provider they are also a top online bingo employer, and now they are bringing Emmerdale to our small screens (unless you are lucky enough to have a big screen TV).

Play at tombola!

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