Get Your Just Desserts at Posh Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 16/01/2010 17:42

Posh Bingo just happens to be one of the most active online bingo sites in the UK, this tells in their promotions which change regularly and are always very attractive. This is definitely the site where you get your just desserts and so you should if you are a loyal player. Loyal players earn all kinds of special bonuses and opportunities to play in special promotions and events.

One of the biggest benefits of playing regularly is playing in team bingo, I mean if you are an avid online bingo player and Posh Bingo is your site of choice it makes perfect sense to play in team bingo. It is free to enter and the only thing you have to do is carry on playing your favorite bingo, every time you win you earn points toward the team total. At the end of the competition there is a ton of free bingo points given away, so many that these can fund your playing in games for the team the following fortnight.

The beauty of playing team bingo at Posh is that they always do things differently and because it is about team spirit and community, they randomly place players in a team. This changes around every two weeks after the competition has been won and this allows players to get to know even more people. It also helps the weaker players have a chance to win and winning feels good, admit it! Team details are updated daily on the leader board and first place winners get themselves a healthy 85 000 bingo points to share. Prizes go all the way up to 10th place!

Just bear in mind that if you have not made a deposit at Posh Bingo in the previous 30 days, you will removed from the team event. So just make sure you keep popping the odd fiver in and play a few real money games too, you never know when you might have a winning ticket.

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