Get Your Christmas Cheer at Bingo Playground

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 09/12/2009 17:03

It is still early days in December and already there has been a lot going on at bingo playground. First off the new CM of the month is “CM Paige”. Well done to her, these guys do a sterling job to keep us well entertained, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite CM or CM teams, some great awards will be coming up pretty soon. There is a note from CM Paige in the “News” section of the site and you can really see she loves her job. It is very important to love the job you do, so many people spend so many unhappy years working in a job they hate and it’s just not worth the misery. This is one of the many great things about online bingo. Vote for your favorite cm athttp://www.cmoftheyear.com/votes.asp and show your appreciation, they deserve it!!

Christmas is nearly here and Bingo Playground has a lot of festive cheer up their sleeves for you to enjoy. A bit late, but in retrospect, yesterday was a 150% Mad Monday & Mother Goose £50 Free Day! Pity we missed it, but let’s have a beer anyway.

These guys had a goose loose in their bingo hoose and it was up to members to spot it. They joined in the goose hunt by making a deposit of £30 or more. It was last seen heading toward the support ticket at Bingo Playground so make your deposit and get involved in the hunt by submitting a ticket quoting ‘Goose Bonus 150%’. At 10pm, Angela announced who found the goose and they won a £50.00 bonus! Look out for Angela’s Mad Monday Club promotions next week, because there are all kinds of extra special gifts you receive for participating in this promotion.

In the meantime play free bingo at Bingo Playground they have more than £800 a day to give away in these games and they take place seven days a week from 3pm to 11pm.


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