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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 27/10/2009 18:58

If you are familiar with online bingo terminology, you will know that linx games offer the best prize money. This is because the site gets all the prize money from certain rooms or certain networked sites together which makes the prize money more worthwhile. Crown Bingo offers the biggest prizes every day in their linx games, and they offer three of these every single day.

There is only one thing better than linx games and that is free bingo, at this site you will find these playing from Monday to Saturday from 11am to 9pm. These games play at half past the hour during the week and on Sundays, your day for relaxing, you can play free bingo from midday to midnight at a rate of two games an hour. If the mood takes you today and you decide to register with an online bingo site, think of Crown Bingo and the fact that you get free games.

These games are especially for depositing members, so make sure you make a deposit when you register. If you do this, you get more free bingo in the form of a £1 gift and a cash match for your deposited amount. The free bingo just doesn’t stop, you can win it when you play chat games, in tournaments, playing team bingo and for taking part in quizzes.

Don’t by-pass the Cash Cow while you are playing at Crown Bingo, this is the huge progressive prize money game and with £19,160 in the prize pot, it has to be worth a wager. You do have to call full house in 32 balls or less, and this is no easy feat, but someone has got to win it sometime, and that someone just might be you! Just imaging how healthy your bank balance will look with that amount of money in it?

Crown Bingo

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