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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 17/12/2009 07:11

This year 888 Ladies Bingo went mad with X Factor promotions, these ran for about 6 weeks and there were lots of prize winner who got to enjoy VIP X Factor Studio experiences and what a happy bunch that lot were. This promotion coincided with the launch of the X Factor Steps to Stardom games which were released on the site and as you all know by now Joe McElderry was the winner of this talent contest.

He was the bookies favorite, he was Simon Cowell’s favorite and he was also the favorite of 888 Ladies Bingo players, some of whom got to meet him in person. What’s to bet that once the tour starts this site will offer prizes of tickets to the touring shows?

It is interesting to note, and I got this information from the 888 Ladies Bingo blog, that one advert during the X Factor break cost a huge £200,000. So it seems that M&S, Barclaycard, and the Sun have plenty of money in their advertising budgets. Joe just happens to be from Newcastle, so not only did the show make money, but pizza sales during the televised event went up to 8 times their normal amount and National Grid had

to employ extra people to cope with the surge in the demand for electricity over the weekend these too place. Asda and Tesco also saw a massive surge in the sales of snack food, and seeing that Tesco was one of the advertising paying £200 000 big ones for and ad, this obviously paid off.

One statistic that 888 Ladies Bingo isn’t telling is how much they made out of the new games on the site. But I have no doubt when the financials for 2009 come out in the 888.com Group, they will also see a huge surge in income over the last quarter, because of this very clever promotion.

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