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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 19/10/2009 14:44

One of the most brilliant things about playing at Virgin Bingo is the fact that you earn V* Points. While most UK online bingo sites offer some kind of points system to reward loyal players, Virgin takes loyalty a lot more seriously. The points system at this site can buy you free bingo games if you redeem them for cash, but they can buy you a whole lot of even more exciting stuff too!

For example if you convert them to Virgin Atlantic flying miles, you could be winging your way to any number of destinations throughout the world. If you convert them to vouchers you can purchase other Virgin related goodies and if you have an even more adventurous side to you, Virgin Bingo can take you places you have never dreamed of going.

If you click on the V*Points section of the site and click on Virgin Experiences, you can see what they have on offer. Essentially you collect the points, then you exchange them for vouchers valued in pounds. Each Virgin experience is unique and when you sign up for one of these you even get Personal Accident cover, which is vital if you consider some of the activities!

You just use your voucher to pay for the experience and they send you a gift pack. For instance The Blue Planet Aquarium offers a shark encounter. This is the only aquarium in the UK to do this. Imagine having your first PADI recognised ‘Discover SCUBA’ session in shark infested tropical waters? If you though playing online bingo was exciting, think again! Just remember that you need to collect your V*points and they are doubled on Fridays, you can even earn V*points when you are playing free bingo, so make sure you save your up, and use them to do something unforgettable.

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