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Written by: Jeannie on 31/05/2010 21:30
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Bingo Cafe is making a big song and dance out of their exciting new promotion for June, and we’re only just at the end of May! Actually, it’s good that online bingo fans hear of the Wildlife Safari promotion early, in plenty of time to prepare themselves for some serious bingo action!

The Wildlife Safari promotion for June

There’s a massive prize pot of at least £1,000 up for grabs, currently under lock and key at Bingo Cafe. To unleash this ferocious prize from its cage, all you have to do is round up some Safari animals and claim your prize. In other words, bingo on ten lucky numbers (representing the animals) and claim them all to win a share of the big prize pot!

Here’s what you need to collect:

• 10 Elephants
• 15 Lions
• 19 Giraffes
• 26 Cheetahs
• 35 Baboons
• 48 Zebras
• 53 Warthogs
• 56 Rhinos
• 61 Leopards
• 74 Buffalo

Collect all of these – not forgetting to claim them with the Chat Moderator – and you are guaranteed a share of the £1,000 bonus bucks prize! Best of luck, bingo fans (and animal lovers)!

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