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Written by: kelly on 07/05/2010 15:10
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It is a well know fact that because regular bingo players exercise their brains so much when they play, it has the same affect on the brain as doing crossword puzzles. This makes them a shoe-in for remembering all kinds of facts that normal people forget quickly. This means that games such as celebrity quizzes and trivia go down a treat and when you play these games with Ladbrokes Bingo you can win yourself £50, and its free to play.

First you have to be a member of Ladbrokes Bingo to be able to take part in these quizzical quests. This is the easiest bit, simply complete the registration details by clicking on the "register" button, make a deposit of £5, spend this on bingo tickets, and you will receive a gift of a £20 Welcome Bonus.

Check out when the quizzes play according to the chat game schedule and be prepared to play in two bingo games during the time that the quiz takes place. There are two of these quizzes played weekly, the Pub Quiz and the Celebrity Quiz and as we said the winner takes £50! This is more than any other quiz at any UK online bingo site, so if you want to make your general knowledge pay, do it at Ladbrokes Bingo. There is also a second place prize of £25 and third place prize of £10.

Try their 1p and 2p games too, these are great fun because your money lasts a lot longer and you can win some really good pounds with them. So if you are the type who just doesn't know what to do with your loose change, bingo is the name of the game. Check out the Attic Room and the Garage too, penny games are also littered throughout the normal regular games and Ladbrokes Bingo has more than £3,000 in prize money to give away daily in games costing pennies; this is guaranteed!

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