Get on Board for Tidy Bingo’s Bingopoly

Get on Board for Tidy Bingo’s Bingopoly

Written by: Nenad Ninic on 09/03/2015 10:20
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What do you get if you cross one of the world’s favourite board games with our own great game? Bingopoly is the answer, Tidy Bingo’s new chat tournament based on the set-collecting game play of Monopoly.

It’s a game worth playing, and it’s not just for imitation cash. The first prize for each Bingopoly winner is a fantastic 20,000 Tidy loyalty points, worth £20 in bonus funds. Even the runner-up cashes in, with a 10,000-point prize. And there are smaller random prizes awarded throughout the game.

Most people have played Monopoly at some point, and this game picks up the idea of collecting sets of items.

In Bingopoly it’s not London streets but items linked with Bingo and Tidy Bingo in particular.

You collect items by winning bingo games. Each time you call full house you’ll pick up the item linked to your winning number – there’s a print-out-and-keep list on the Tidy Blog. Each item has a points value that’ll go onto your total. Be warned though, some items don’t score and two will reset you to zero, others will reward your competitors.

As in Monopoly, collecting a set of items boosts your score. So, picking up all three items in each of the seven “sets” – for example jackpots, chat games or Tidy’s owners - will see your total soaring.

It’s a two-hour game taking place in the Tidy Cupboard on Tuesday nights. The Cupboard is an exclusive room and fantastically popular with Tidy’s players. It’s open every Tuesday from 7pm to 11pm, opening with the Tidy and the Troops game that raises cash for Help for Heroes.

Chat games are a big part of the Tidy Cupboard and Bingopoly has big thumbs up from players so far. It’s fun and involving with a great prize and contributes to the fabulous friendly banter in the Cupboard.

You must be a Tidy member to play, so head along and sign up now, you’ll collect a 200% welcome bonus on your first deposit with a bonus spin on deposits of £10 and over.

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