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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 31/01/2010 10:13

There is more than one way of enjoying your bingo with Gala and all told, you can play in one of the nearly 200 land based clubs in the UK, which is not much fun at his time of year. Or you could play online, on your TV or even your mobile phone, so there are certainly a number of ways to skin this bingo cat!

I kind of like Gala Bingo TV the best, because it can be played in its own little window at the top of my screen while I am watching another programme if I feel like it! Multi-entertainment is just how I like it. It is also nice because gala TV offers just as much free bingo as any online bingo site and watching and playing at the same time is interactive. They have been offering free bingo all through January on Thursdays, on the hour, every hour from 12 midday to 12 Midnight, and although I don’t advocate either watching TV or playing bingo for all those hours, it is still nice to be able to switch the telly on and play one every now and then and it keeps me company while I am ironing J

Horoscope bingo has also been playing every Friday Night in January and this is the show I really like. It features Claire Petulengro, she is in studio every week and it starts at 8pm. She is great to listen to if you want to know why you bingo luck has been a bit flat lately and they also include a game of Horoscope Bingo with 10p tickets and a mystic prize board, that is good fun too, but you will only find it at Gala Bingo, so you know where to look.

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