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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 25/10/2009 22:07

If you are looking for an online bingo site that has it all and then some, you couldn’t do much better than Jackpot City Bingo. This site offers a huge variety of bingo and bingo related games as well as a bingo school. Now through the evolution of the game it has been used to teach school, but now with this site you can attend bingo school!

They have load of other things to offer the online bingo lover too, even a roomie of the week award and this comes with a £50 reward. All you have to do to be given this money is be an exemplary roomie and answer one question , if you answer the question correctly, you win. This competition takes place in Bob’s Bingo in a Box Room on a Sunday evening, so make sure you are there, you never know if you are going to be the winner!

You can get it all at Jackpot City Bingo and then some, Bingo linx with £1 000 to £4 00 prize pots, and the Abso-Blingo-Lutely Jackpot Bingo games. This is a PJP game which starts at £10,000 and grows rapidly. This games prize pot often grows to as much as £50,000 and more. This is a life changing amount of money and if you win it, you will know all about it.

If you are keen on surprises, this is the site to play, the Hundreds and Thousands jackpot is a bonus game where if you win, you will really get a surprise. If you can manage to call full house in 45 numbers you get a spot prize. 45 numbers is relatively easy to do, do you want a spot prize? You do, good, keep your eyes don at this site for more information.

Jackpot City bingo

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