Get Into the Groove With the Foxy Bingo Secret Free Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 14/11/2009 11:38

I hope that you have been making use of the Foxy Bingo Facebook fan page, because if you haven’t gotten into this groove you won’t know when or where the Secret Free bingo games are going to be played this evening. Two of these games will be announced via this social networking site, so tune in or miss out, the prize money in these games is £1000, and this is a guaranteed prize. Keep your eyes peeled!

All the tickets into the game are completely free and you will only find out today when they are due to play (that’s why they are secret). But for those of you who are not too familiar with Facebook, the details will also be announced in the chat rooms at some point in time, but who knows when, use Facebook it is safer.

Friday nights are also the nights to kick-back and relax, get into the swing of the weekend and all that, but what if you were to win £10 000 while you were doing this? Wouldn’t it be a fantastic start to what will be an even more fantastic weekend? I’ll say it would. Make sure you are a member of Foxy Bingo, if you aren’t do it now, it only takes a couple of minutes to get registered, then hold onto your hats, because they have a £10K guaranteed prize game taking place this evening in the Weekly Big Money game.

If you have plans to go out, don’t worry, you can pre-buy your game tickets, in fact to be on the safe side you should really do this anyway. This is 90 ball bingo, so there are three opportunities to win – one line wins £1000, two lines wins £3 000 and the full house winner gets a magnificent £6 000.

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