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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 06/09/2009 14:40
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Golden Hat Bingo has got a new promotion. Aside from the free twenty five pounds you get for joining the online bingo site, there are a whole lot of offers to expect this month of September.

All active bingo players of Golden Hat Bingo is in for a ride this month with their exciting promotions including one thousand pounds worth of activity vouchers. Let’s take a look.

September is indeed an active month for all those Golden Hat Bingo players. So are you curious to know what these activity vouchers are? There will surely be thousands of active days that you can choose from. You’ll have a thousand pounds that you can spend on various activities. These Golden Hat Bingo activities are as follows.

First off is the Wink Walking, worth four hundred and ninety nine pounds. So what is it all about? With this promotion, you can strap yourself to a bi-plane’s wings to perform your own aerobatic display. Invite a total of fifty of your friends to see you do an aero show. Just make sure you don’t eat a lot because it can make you feel queasy during the loops around an Essex field. If this is your kind of activity, then proceed to Golden Hat Bingo for more details. But first, there are other activities you can participate in.

There’s also a farming activity that you can take advantage of. This activity is worth seventy five pounds. You get to experience the things a farmer does on a daily basis. You can milk his cows, clean stables and even stick your arms in places you never thought it would go. This is a fun experience that you can do by winning one of the activity vouchers over at Golden Hat Bingo.

Last but not the least, you can simply enjoy a five-course meal with your special loved one or mate on the Orient Express. It’s a train trip through Southern England where you can scoff the food and drinks being served.

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