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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 26/09/2009 14:20
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If you are looking for an online bingo site that is so much more than bingo, you will find plenty of UK sites like this, but perhaps none so unique as Game Village Bingo. They offer Supergems where you have to match three gems to build a score, and if you ladies like anything it is definitely gems. I know I do, and whenever I can, I sneak away to play this compelling game. You have to get a place on the leader board, so it is competitive and if you have top points, you win the prize.

Dingo is also another non-bingo game, and it is loved by everyone who is lucky enough to have played it. You can play for points or pay 50p a board to win cash. You will also find games like Jackpot Jamba, Pharaoh King, Ghouls Gold and Chase The Cheese amongst others. So Get with it and try out these games too.

Game Village Bingo is also set to launch a new game, and this is based on the well loved Great British game of darts. Quite aptly, it is called Bulls Eye and this variation of the game is played between bingo games in the Village Inn. Just check out the price of darts for the next game, choose how many you want to buy (1 – 100 per game) and click on buy. When the bingo game starts the darts you chose are randomly thrown at the board and the prizes are allocated. The highest dart thrown wins the first prize and there are 3 prize, if your dart is lucky enough to land in the Bulls Eye, you win the progressive prize. Try it, you’ll love it!
While we are on about Game Village Bingo, there is also a great recipe for a Magic Flake Cake, it is delicious, make it and serve it at your next house party, your roomies will love you.

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