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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 21/08/2008 05:00
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Game Village Bingo is probably the most unique and different of all the online bingo sites. The community that has grown around it is thriving and the range of games and excellent prizes and jackpots just continues to grow and grow so that it now offers one of the most complete service sof its kind on the Internet.

Most recently, they've added yet another new feature to their service, the house party. You could be hosting your own bingo party in your home. Game Village Bingo provides all the necessaries; namely the food and drink as well as a bag full of bingo items to ensure that every party is entertaining and enjoyed by all.

It's a unique feature that helps to further improve the community feeling between Game Village players and it's certainly not something you find on all bingo sites. Any registered player can request a home party of their own by emailing the site.

Anybody wishing to attend a party should contact the home owner that owns the next party venue for more details. Pictures of recent events can be found on the Game Village bingo forum and you can immediately see how much fun is had by all.

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