Gambler Hits the Jackpot at ATM Machine

Gambler Hits the Jackpot at ATM Machine

Written by: ava carson on 18/06/2012 12:30

A man from the US thought he hit a gold mine when an ATM machine malfunctioned and spit out loads of cold hard cash. Ronald Page did not actually tamper with the machine instead the machine tampered with him when it tempted his morals.

The retired factory worker was a gambler and he took full advantage and seized the opportunity taking all the dough to spend at the casino.

Better than any Progressive Bingo or Slot Jackpot the cash machine gave him unlimited cash in a total staggering number of $1.5 million. Page continued to go back and repeatedly withdrew money lining his pockets and stuffing his clothes with free cash.

He headed straight to the nearest casino where he went on a gambling spree and blew the million dollar wad on what was surely his biggest high roller wagering ever.

Page was found guilty of theft of bank funds and is awaiting his sentence at the end of the month. Local authorities speculate Page could face a 15 month sentence. Though the machine malfunctioned charges were brought against him because technically he knew the funds were not his.

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