Gala Bingo's Penny Bazaar Offers £150 Jackpots

Gala Bingo's Penny Bazaar Offers £150 Jackpots

Written by: kelly on 08/08/2011 13:10
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You can’t get much for a penny these days, in fact you’ll struggle to get it for a pound which is why Gala bingo’s Penny Bazaar promotion caught our eye. Just how much value can you get for a penny at Gala, quite a lot when you consider they offer jackpots up to £150!


£150 Guaranteed

Gala bingo has put together 7 penny bingo games each day which all have a guaranteed jackpot of £150, this is in addition to the free bingo on offer at their site around the clock. Each of these games awards at least £100 to the full house winner, £30 to the two line winner and £20 to the one line winner.

These special penny ‘linked games’ start at 1:15pm and play every hour until 7:15pm each day. These games link together 11 of Gala’s bingo rooms, if you want an unlinked penny game you simply turn to the castle club room from 7pm.

Castle Club

From 7pm penny bingo is played in the Castle club room, ten £100 games are played every evening with the full house winner receiving £60! Not bad when you consider the cost.

They also have a great range of penny slots, including the awesome cops and robbers and chuzzle slots. We are glad to see Gala bingo leading the way with cheap as chips bingo, their Penny Bazaar offers both entertainment and the chance to win a sizable jackpot without breaking the bank.

Have you played in the Gala Bingo Penny bazaar yet?


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by: one2go over 10 years ago
Gala Bingo always has nice offers. Another good one thx :)