Gala Bingo Winner Gets New Year Off to a Brilliant Start

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 20/01/2010 14:22

The Gala Bingo site is the site which splashes the cash, check out Gala Value for free bingo, BOGOF bingo, 1TG, and the High 5, to see how you can wing. And speaking of Gala and the High 5, an anonymous 62 year old woman from Cramlington has really got the New Year off to a good start by winning the High 5 at her local bingo club. This game is also available in their land based clubs too.

She won an incredible £125,000 whilst playing bingo with her friends and she also won the £1,000 full house prize. As Gala Bingo believes in sharing, one of the stipulations of winning the High Five is that the prize money is split 50/50. So the Winner gets 50% of the prize, which in this case was £62,500 and the balance of £62,500 of the jackpot is split between the rest of the players in the club. This means that every person she was playing with took home £1201.92 in prize money. Weren’t they luck there wasn’t a full house at the club at the time. Only 52 players were present, so they all got a decent share, I’ll bet all those players think the winner is just lovely for sending them all home with a prize of over a thousand pounds.

She says she was delighted that all her friends got a share of the bingo prize money and never dreamed that she could win this big. Thanks to Gala Bingo, she can now visit her son in Australia, or bring him out to visit her. You have got to love Gala Bingo and especially the High 5, this is one game where you can win seriously life changing amounts of money, see the site for details, you could be the next big winner!

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